Priority Areas

ONO focuses on the areas of oncology, immunology, neurology and specialties; all of which include diseases with high medical needs. In each of these areas, we are working to strengthen our drug discovery capabilities by delving into the biology of human disease with the aim of discovering new drugs that can satisfy medical needs. In particular, by actively promoting open innovation, we aim to discover original drug discovery seeds and create breakthrough new drugs with medical impact by utilizing a variety of cutting-edge internal and external technologies, such as informatics, human disease modeling,and the discovery of new drug candidate compounds. In addition, ONO is working to expedite clinical development and improve the success rate of drug candidates in order to fast-track the delivery of our proprietary and in-licensed compounds to patients suffering from diseases around the world.


As a pioneer in cancer immunotherapy, Ono Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. takes advantage of its experience, technology and knowhow, nurtured through R&D of the immune checkpoint inhibitor OPDIVO, toward discovering innovative anticancer drugs beyond OPDIVO.

Development code discovered by Research center of Oncology
・ONO-4578:PG receptor (EP4) antagonist
・ONO-7475:Axl/Mer inhibitor


Based on the long-year experience of immunology research which has helped create OPDIVO, Ono Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. keeps research capabilities with a primary focus on biopharmaceutical development in immunology, working toward drug discovery in both areas of cancer immunotherapy and autoimmune therapy.

Development code discovered by Research center of Immunology
・ONO-4685:PD-1×CD3 bispecific antibody


In the Neurology area, Ono Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is prioritizing its research in biology of Glial cells, which maintain and support the environment necessary for survival and functional expression of neurons. Drug discovery based on human evidence would bring patients disease-modifying therapies, as well as symptomatic treatments for neurodegenerative disease, mental illness or chronic pain.

Development code discovered by Research center of Neurology
・ONO-2808:S1P5 receptor agonist
・ONO-2910:Enhancement of Schwann cell differentiation
・ONO-2020:Epigenetic Regulation


"Specialty" research at Ono Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is research activity for clinically valuable pharmaceutical products for diseases for which treatment is in high unmet needs, free from the disease field. Drug discoveries with the understanding of pathogenesis will be a key for success in "Specialty" research.

Development code discovered by Research center of Specialty Products
・ONO-4059:BTK inhibitor
・ONO-7684:FXIa inhibitor